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Artist Profile

Nature • Place • Imagination

Taking her inspiration from the natural environment, landscapes, animals and wildlife, mixed media artist and photographer Lizanne Henderson is based in Scotland. Her recent works have concentrated on northern geographies – Scotland, Scandinavia, Greenland, North America, and the Canadian Arctic – exploring themes such as native and introduced species, the threat of extinction and habitat loss, and the potential of the Arts in conversations about global warming and climate change. An ongoing project is called Picturing Polar Bears: Art, Creativity, Climate Change, appearing at COP26 in Glasgow. Holding a Fine Art degree from the University of Guelph, Canada, her preferred medium currently is watercolour and the immediacy and unpredictability it brings, though she also works in acrylics, oils, and photography.

In her professional life, she is Senior Lecturer in History, Tourism and Animal Studies, University of Glasgow, with expertise in the Scottish witch-hunts, and interests in 19th century Arctic explorers and their engagements with the natural world.

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